"I have had the pleasure of traveling both  to Kauai and to England & Scotland with Denise and Minnie.  If you think that you would enjoy  a Spiritual/Metaphysical journey with some history thrown in, then Mystic Travels is for you.  All of the detailed arrangements were taken care of.  Ample communication was received prior to and during the trips.  We went everywhere that the initial itinerary was comprised of.  The ceremonies celebrated at various points of interest were indeed mystical!  The "magic" of the locale was indeed present.  What's more, these trips seem to attract the perfect group of travelers.  Many new friends have been made as well.  I plan to travel again with Denise and Minnie."

-Stephen from Michigan


"The Enchantment of Camelot trip was an experience of a lifetime for me.  Everything was well organized by Denise and Minnie and we visited all the places we were promised, guided by our friendly tour bus driver, Eddie from Wales.  I enjoyed very much each of the ceremonies we had such as the Lady of the Lake, Merlin's Cave and Faerie Glenn.  We visited historical places like the Chalice Well Garden and Rosslyn Chapel and we also visited several castles and other interesting places.  The full day trip to the islands of Mull and Iona are experiences to remember for the rest of my life.  The photos I took remind me of the great time I had with such a nice group of people.  My friends always ask for me stories about my experience is Camelot!  I am looking forward to our next adventure in France!"

- Amira from Ohio


 "Aloha!  Every time I think of our last group swim in the ocean I laugh!  What a wonderful week we had together!  Thank you to everyone and especially to Dana and Minnie for your leadership."

-Mary from Grand Rapids, MI
"Aloha - ha! ha! ha! ha!

I think that's the best summary I can come up with for our trip (hee! hee!).  It was AWESOME!  PHENOMENAL!  and all the other adjectives that Linda uses below.  I can't even find words to describe to friends and family how great the trip was.  I'm so very grateful to everyone for sharing in the adventure.  Thank you!  When I think of the highlights - the mornings of yoga led by Minnie on the deck overlooking the ocean, ,  the fantastic meditations, prayers and ceremonies led by Dana and all the sites and sounds during the excursions, meals, shopping and  walking - the main thing that comes to mind is all the laughter.  That wonderful healing laughter."

 - Cheryl from Michigan


"Hugs, love, and light and a special kudos to Denise and Minnie for all their efforts in putting this magnanimous, splendiferous adventure together."

-Linda from Arizona